How to choose the style of the hand bag suitable for your shape!

Did you know your body shape determines the style of handbag you should carry? To find out which handbag suits your body shape, let Fashionmistyle serve as your guide.

The two important thing you should note when selecting a bag is:

  1. Select bags that are the opposite shape of your shape
  2. Select bags same with the size of your body.

To decide which bags will suit each shape, we have put together a few examples and e

The hourglass shape

The inverted triangle shape

The peer shape

The petite lean column



The Apple shape: The shoulders and thighs are narrower than the bust and waist.


The first thing you should do if you fall in this category is to create a balance by selecting wide handbags that have a slight structure. Large bust is common with apple shape ladies, if you have a large bust, stay away from clutches, cross body bags, and shoulder bags. These types of bags will make the top appear wide. Rather, select medium-sized handbags such as bowling bag purses, tote bags, and handheld structured bags. If you too in love with cross-body bags, extend the shoulder strap so that the bags ends below the hip.


The Hourglass shape: Your shoulders and hips will be about the same and your waist will be smaller than both your shoulders and your hips.

If you are blessed with the hourglass shape, almost every bag will fit perfectly with your shape. Ranging from tote bags, satchel bags, cross-body bags, clutches, shoulder bags and any other you can get. But note that size is proportionate to your figure. Any bag that draws attention to your defined waist is your new best friend.

The inverted triangle shape: The waist and hips are smaller than the shoulders.

Choose a handbag that draws attention to the smallest part of your body the lower half of your body. That's why, like the Apple-shaped body, clutches, and short-strapped shoulder bags are a big no-no. This can easily be fixed with handbags with long straps. Select chunky and colored handbags that will sit on your hips or thighs. Some of the choices are long-strapped satchel bags and long-strapped shoulder bags, hand-held structured bags, cross body bags and hobo bags. Each of these bags will help de-emphasize your upper body.


Peer Shape: The waist and hips are wider than the shoulders.

To make your shoulders look wider and give a balance, you need a bag that will fall between your waist and hips. So do not forget to check the straps of a bag before you buy. Buy only if the straps are adjustable. Choose clutches that can be tucked under your arm, long strapped structured bags, satchel bags, and short-strapped shoulder bags. A bold color or a sequined bag will do wonders for your body type.


Petit shape: The shoulders and hips are narrow with small waist and bust.

To lend some definition to your figure, a handbag can be a quick fix. You can choose a round-shaped bags, soft edges, petite- to medium-sized clutches, vertical-shaped bags, and oversized bags. Avoid handbags made by a bulky or heavy material.

Because we use a handbag on a daily basis, and for different occasions, it is necessary a little thought. Apart from a handbag being flattering, it should be functional as well. Only then can you really comfortable and look smart.




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