6 Perfect Ways to Manage Your Time

How to Manage Your Time and Be Productive

Time is the most precious thing in life and it escapes right through your fingers; fading away like a sandcastle in the storm. It just flows like a river, never stopping, yet leaving behind an urge to do something, to make it stay but it never really does, and that’s when you have to make a choice; to let it go or get the best out of it. Sometimes you just got to play smart. Following are some tips to get you through, manage your time and turn busy into productive.


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You can use mobile applications, like Evernote to make a to-do list and prioritize what’s crucial and what you got to complete in one day. When you are done with them, you’ve accomplished something. One step at a time. Pick a task and complete it, don’t leave it in between and don’t stress over the next; it’ll only ruin your progress.


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Learn the Art of Saying No

This can be one of the trickiest jobs, but if you want to give your best, this is what you need to learn. Making a lot of commitments and not being able to fulfill them not only hurt your image, but also bring in chaos. Yes, you’ll have to decline opportunities, but it is important to get you focused on what you really want in your life and what truly matters. Prefer quality over quantity.


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Put Away the Distractions

Switch off your phone or put it away, close all extra tabs; especially Facebook, pick a silent corner and get to work, without having anything to distract you. If music helps you to concentrate, play it in the background.  If you have a hard time focusing, use Pomodoro technique; pick a task, set a timer, work on it for 25 minutes, take a break, get back to work, repeat. 


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Turn Major Tasks into Habits

If you have that one common task that you have to do every day, set a specific time for it. Like writing, if you are into writing, take out 20-25 minutes to do it and do it on a specific time so it becomes easier for you to convert it into a habit. Once it has become a habit, it’ll get easier for you to stay focused and it’ll require a little less effort.


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Keep a Buffer Time between Two Tasks

Give yourself a break and take time to appreciate yourself and your work. Your mind needs a break too; some fresh air, a cup of coffee to keep you going, a hot water bath, or maybe a power nap. Freshen up, distress and get back to work.


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Be More Organized

Your key to be productive is being organized. Being organized would save you time and a lot of hassle. Make files, to do lists, unsubscribe to emails you don't want in your inbox, keep your desktop organized, and streamline everything so it goes smoother. It’ll make a visible difference.


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You can do everything in 24 hours, you just need to play smart and stay committed to things that matter the most to you. Consistency is the key and you got to let your inner spark guide you through, because beginnings are always the hardest. 




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