Push Your Limits and Rise above Thinking

Why It is Important to Push Your Limits and Rise above Thinking

Life is hard and everybody goes through rough time, and there always comes a point when we are at our lowest and we are totally clueless about where we want to be and who we are. We want to be happy, but we can’t seem to find it anywhere, something that would keep us happy, or something that actually makes our life meaning and fulfilling. The thing is, we find happiness in ourselves and not in others. We find happiness by being and not by doing. Happy is not materialistic, happy is satisfaction and that cannot be found in material things or people. True happiness comes with pushing our limits and rising above the thinking.



Rising About the Thinking

Rising above the thinking is when you close your eyes and breathe. It is when you forget your every worry, past, present or future and you realize that there is something inside you that is important, something that wants you to push your limits and grow. It is when you leave behind your past, own your mistakes, grow and want to change for good. Empty your mind of all the thoughts that hold you back. Just breathe and let every single thought in your mind go. Feel a presence, your own presence, something that would give you a reason to stay. You are that presence, you are just there, breathing, existing. In that moment, you cannot be defined, in that very moment you are at peace.



Pushing Your Limits

When hard times hit, we lose our form, we just lose ourselves and we have no clue who we are anymore. This is where we need to push harder. This is where you need to stop and find yourself. No one can help you, and you are on your own, this might be the hardest truth but only when you realize that is when you find yourself. Define yourself. Test the boundaries. Be you, because that is when you find peace. Remember who you are before the world told you who you should be.


Touch the top

Finding a Sense of Identity

You don’t get your sense of identity from differentiating yourself from others; you get that by competing with yourself and by being a better version of yourself and that is when you find true happiness. It is not an easy journey, but it is totally worth it. Find your peace in yourself and once you are there, give, give back to the earth. Give your life a meaning by defining who you are and who you want to be in life. Don’t compete with others, you won’t find yourself there. You will find yourself in you. Ask yourself, who you really are, keeping aside all your worries, all your thoughts and without any fear, don’t think just know. Close your eyes and empty your mind, find a connection with your inner being and it will answer the questions for you. It will bring you happiness and it will bring you peace.




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