Your Guide to Find the Perfect Handbag That Makes You Standout.

Tips on Finding a Perfect Handbag

Picking up a perfect handbag is absolutely essential. Without a handbag, your appearance looks incomplete. Handbags are important because not only do they carry your essential items but also complete your looks. A perfect handbag can make so much difference. While shopping for a perfect handbag, you need to consider some things, like your body type, because not every handbag goes with every body type, so it is vital to keep that in your mind while shopping for the perfect handbag that you love.

Body Shape

If you’re chubby, the best tactic for you is to go for bags with smaller straps. They are cute and would be nicely tucked under your arm, diverting attention from your curves. You should really consider buying one if you want to steal the spotlight.


Bags with smaller straps | Fashionmistyle

If you are thin, consider buying larger bags with larger straps, they will balance out your physique and add an extra charm to your personality. Avoid small bag with smaller straps, trust me, they aren’t your thing.


Autumn Shell Bag | Fashionmistyle

If you are busty, try going for the bag with larger straps, they’ll divert the attention from the upper part of your body. This tip will help you if you are looking to find a perfect handbag for yourself or a loved one.


Beach Bucket Casual Bag | Fashionmistyle


Where are you going to carry that handbag and what outfit you are wearing it with also matters. You can’t take every handbag everywhere, nor can you choose one type of handbag with one every outfit. It is important to consider these two things while choosing a handbag for yourself.

If you are going out on a party and wearing a dress, go for clutches; they are elegant and classy. If you are going to attend a wedding, try on a fancy clutch, in golden or silver or any color that you feel would go with your outfit.


Fancy Clutch | Fashionmistyle

If you are looking for something more casual, then go for larger bags that are more durable and have more space. If you are going to carry it every day, to college or to work, then more the space the better, no? And with that, you might want to get something with neutral colors so that it can go with everything you wear. Hint: A large black patchwork bag would always be your savior. Leather is durable, elegant and pretty much goes with everything so you don’t have to compromise on your style.


big patchwork Shoulder bag | Fashionmistyle

You don’t have to spend a small fortune on handbags, your perfect tip is to collect every type in neutral colors, but if you have a special occasion coming up, you can match it up with your outfit and rock the world. Another tip for you is to buy them when they are on sale, it’ll save you a lot of money and maybe even time. Preplan and know what you really need.



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