Important Things to Consider While Choosing a Perfect Pair of Jeans

Buying Your Perfect Pair of Jeans

Buying a perfect pair of jeans can be a trickier job than buying a perfect dress or a top for you. If you dress casual at work or you prefer comfort over the hassle of carrying a dress, then you’ll know that how important is it to find yourself a perfect pair of jeans. There are so many things to consider when you’re going out to shop for a pair of jeans. You are just one fit away from finding your perfect pair of jeans. It is important to consider your body type while shopping for a pair of jeans.

If You Are Curvy

If you are curvy with a small waist then you can go for high-waist jeans, because it’ll flatter your stomach and help you flaunt your curves, all in the right way. Go for darker shades instead of light shades to give yourself a slimmer effect.


High Waist Jeans | Fashionmistyle

If You Are Apple Shaped

If you are apple shaped, it is recommended to go for straight fit jeans or flared jeans  because people who have this body type tend to carry weight on their stomach. Skinny jeans will flaunt your curves but all in the wrong way. Again, go for darker shades, instead of the lighter ones, because lighter shades draw attention to that specific area while darker shades drift it away.


flare jeans | Fashionmistyle

If You Are Petite

If you’re petite then you might want to choose skinny jeans to make your legs long longer. Avoid flare or anything that is too baggy, you don’t want to look like somebody swallowed by a pair of jeans. Go for a high-waist pair of jeans, it’ll also make you look taller. Avoid darker shades and go for lighter shades of jeans.


Skinny Jeans | Fashionmistyle

If You Are Busty

If you’re busty go for more relaxed fit or jeans with flare to give yourself a more balanced look. You can go for lighter colors instead of darker shades. It’ll make you look more balanced and give you that perfect look that you always wanted.


Flared Jeans | Fashionmistyle

If You Are Tall

If you’re tall, go on and rock a flared jeans or go for a skinny fit, but avoid going for high-waist, it’ll make you look a bit too tall, which isn’t very appealing.  a  pair of jeans will make sure that you flaunt your best features. You can also go for ripped jeans.


Ripped Jeans | Fashionmistyle

Fashion changes but what matters the most is to find a pair of jeans that match your style and your body type. Following fashion trends will lead you nowhere If you don’t look good in what you are wearing, so when you’re out to shop for your perfect pair of jeans, make sure you give it time and find that perfect fit. However, don’t hesitate to try new stuff and play around with colors and fits, this way you can discover what actually suits you the best and help you flaunt your assets.



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