8 Accessories Every Fashionista Should Own

Must Have Accessories for Every Fashionista 

How you dress is a reflection of your personality and an extension of your own unique individuality. So if you’re a person who loves to follow fashion trends and prefers style over fashion, then here are the accessories that you should own. No, you don’t have to spend a big fortune. These accessories might even help you to stay in budget, without having to compromise on your style.

Statement Necklace

If you are a person who loves to experiment and if you’re unapologetically you then the statement necklaces are all you need to get. You’ll have a wide range to choose from. You can go for bohemian vintage style necklaces or just something in black and white to suit your mood.


Statement Necklace | Fashionmistyle

Animal Inspired Jewelry

Animal inspired jewelry is always something fun to add to your collection. Let you playful side reflect and get yourself some real cool animal inspired jewelry. You can always go for stud earrings with a little cat on it or perhaps something inspired by dragonflies? You never have to be boring again.


Cat Earrings | Fashionmistyle

A Vintage Charm Bracelet

 A vintage charm bracelet is all you need to get you through the rough days. After all who couldn’t use some extra charm? You can always have something customized made that means something to you, so when you look at it you know that you’ll get through everything. This is something you won’t regret investing your money in.


Vintage Charm Bracelet | Fashionmistyle

Waist Chains

If you want to try something new then waist chains are all you need to get. You can get a delicate one, silver or gold or something more prominent and sexy. You won't regret investing your money in it. 

Waist Chain | Fashionmistyle

Delicate Rings

Buying some delicate rings is something you’d never regret either. It can be something trendy or just something that holds a personal importance to you. You can gift a matching ring to somebody who means a lot to you, as a symbol of love and affection and it’ll melt their heart and if you are looking for something unique, you have a lot of options to choose from. Like a zipper ring and a delicate cat ring. 

 Sexy Zipper Ring | Fashionmistyle Cute Cat Finger Ring

A Leather Handbag

A leather handbag with a neutral color is something you can carry anywhere. No matter what you’re wearing, a leather handbag will always give your personality an extra flair.


Leather Handbag | Fashionmistyle


This might just be the most important thing to carry. Confidence is sexy and it keeps you going. You are beautiful, inside out, just let it reflect. Just let shine your own individuality and your uniqueness and be unapologetically you because this is the perfect gift you can give to yourself.



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