Ways to Boost Your Productivity at Whatever You Do

3 Ways to Boost Your Productivity at Whatever You Do

Life can be really hard and can get emotionally and physically draining. When you are emotionally and physically drained it obviously affects your productivity. With a lot of people arguing on what can actually make you productive, the real solution is lost. Have you even been on that stage where you feel like you are working day and night, you are always on your feet but getting nowhere? Trust me, busy is some much different than being productive. Productive is a combination of working hard and working smart.



Productivity is not something that can be spoon-fed, it is something that comes with a little change of habits and lots and lots of willpower. It isn’t easy. It is like walking down an aisle of thorns but in the end it reaps big rewards and then, it is totally worth it; but what actually are the ways to turn busy into productive? Let us spell them out for you.


Busy or productive?Busy or productive?

The 5 Seconds Rule

The 5 second rule is probably the best technique to bring out your inner productive self. This rule has the ability to trick your brain into being more productive. Yes, you heard that right and this is called meta-cognition. Now, the rule goes something like this; When a thought pops up in your head, for example you sit there and say yourself, ‘’alright, I should do my homework or I might not be able to do it,’’ this is where you gotta stand counting backwards, 5,4,3,2,1. Out loud and start moving. The logic behind is that there is a 5-second gap between a thought crossing your mind and you mind to start making excuses. The moment you take more than 5 seconds, you fall into the endless pit of procrastination.


Write It All Down

Writing it all down doesn’t only help you to be more organized, prioritize and remember the tasks but it also helps you to fulfill a commitment. What we’d change here is, instead or writing and making a to-do list in your personal diary, stick the notes everywhere around the house or your bedroom, or wherever you spend most of your time. The more you look at them, pasted around your wall, the more likely you are able to remember it and most importantly, you are more likely to complete that particular task.


Busy or productive?

Work Smarter

Productivity is not about working hard, it is about working smart. You don’t have to spend countless hours on things that be easily done by machines or software (in the modern world scenario) in seconds. Time is money, and they say it right. The more time you save, the more you’ll be able to invest it in better places. Hard work is very important, since a lot of people prefer quality, but by working smart, you not only save your time, but you also save yourself a lot of hassle. Some softwares  are so helpful, that they can probably do a job better than a human ever can.