Positive Thinking Alone Is Not a Solution, Say Zen Masters

Positive Thinking Alone Is Not a Solution, Say Zen Masters

Positive thinking is something that can lead you to places. It is hope that keeps you going. Positivity is one of the most important parts of life. Without it no one can get through the hard times. At some point in our lives we stand at a dead end, with no beacon of hope, and moving towards a dead end, if not the endless spiral of chaos, one way or another we are surrounded by the darkest of thoughts and in that moment no positivity can exist.



We have an entire discipline in psychology dedicated to positive thinking, which is known as positive psychology. It entirely focuses on positivity and how to mold your mind and think positive, but is positive thinking alone is the solution to every problem? Zen Masters think no, it’s not. Positive thinking and having a positive outlook on life can sure help you keeping a positive mindset and in end it is always about the mindset. Positive thinking might trick your mind into letting go of your worries temporarily and give you satisfaction, but it is not a solution to your problems. Now you may think about a certain problem in your life that it’ll be alright, and you might give yourself a huge positive pep talk, but you might not actually do something to make it better. Problem focused thinking is more efficient than to just think positively about it.



No one knows your problem better than you and you know better than anyone else that how to solve it. Positive thinking might help you through, but will not make you walk the way. It can be your light, but you have to pave your own path, but on the other hand, if you are not positive about life and are totally hopeless, it won’t lead you anywhere either. Positive thinking and being able to find the solutions go hand in hand, without one, other is pretty much useless.


Problem focused thinking

Everybody has different approach to problem solving and obviously, everybody got their own demons to fight. No one can tell you what to do, but finding solutions to your problems is very important. You cannot just sit back and hope that things would get sorted out on their own. It doesn’t work this way. You always have to struggle and work hard to get something, obviously you can hope that the result would be good and it’ll help you to keep going, but alone, it can do nothing for you.