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How Bringing Love in Someone's Life Affects Your Reality

How Bringing Love in Someone's Life Affects Your Reality

Love is something that does wonders. They say, love has the power to change the world, but love is something so much more. Bringing love in someone’s life can affect your reality and that in a good way. When you love, you accept, with acceptance comes the power to change your reality. Love it nothing about the lip service and a lot about acceptance and loving somebody without conditions. This is liberating. The kind of love which is conditional, always keep you bound and maybe that is why a lot of relationships fail and a lot of families fall apart.



We make love all about ourselves, when it shouldn’t be. Love is what you give and not what you receive. When you give love without wanting to get back anything or you love somebody or bring love in somebody’s life, it changes your life to. By bringing love in somebody’s life we mean that you accept them, you are there for them and you are always there to guide them. It won’t only help you to grow but will also help you experience the kind of love that is beyond physical and materialistic needs. The kind of love that is pure and empowering. It can be a cliché but this is probably the truest thing anybody could ever say; life is not a bed of roses.


Life is hard

It is full of thorns, you might see a couple of flowers here and there, but mostly it is full of poisonous thorns, that'll probably prick you without you can even blink. Not to scare you, but how can we make it better? We can make this world a better place by becoming a giver - a giver, who doesn't expect anything in return and being kind to people. Kindness takes courage, strength and a lot of patience. Is it worth it?  Totally.



If you truly want to experience love then you need to focus on being a better person for yourself. The only person you need to challenge and be better than are you. You don't have to prove your worth to anybody.   Be honest and be true to yourself, this is probably the best give you can give to yourself; self-acceptance and then accepting others. Acceptance and tolerance and the world’s biggest gift, the day we achieve them would be the day when the world would know peace.  Don't make searching for love the sole purpose of your existence. Find love and happiness within you. Accept yourself, love yourself and celebrate yourself and if you are lucky enough to have people who genuinely care about you, don't let them go and never take them for granted because these are the people worth living for.

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